AO on the side.

Community Specialist. PR Pro. Mouthy. Lover of patios, heels, vodka, good laughs and lace. Queen of my own world. Welcome to the world the way I see it.

Lunch with my fave instigator of shenanigans. <3 this one so hard.

Happy National Taco Day! #SayYesToTacos all day! #oldelpaso

It’s breakfast taco time! Get ready for National Taco Day! #SayYesToTacos #OldElPaso

Smack Shack lobster rolls at work today. #yum

It’s a lovely day for sports and beers outside.

A year ago today I rescued this little girl. She’s mouthy, loud, playful, sweet and a little naughty… But she’s the best money I’ve ever spent. Happy homecoming, Winnie Cooper! #winnieversary #winniegram

"I’ve been pullin thread, doin all kinds of evil…" SO excited for this tonight!

Come & knock on our door…. Three’s company too. #soccerfans

Sunflowers will forever make me think of my aunt. Such a beautiful weekend to celebrate her. We miss you every day, auntie Jan.

Sundays with my Godson. #teddygram